Growing Pains

When do growing pains end

Is it when you find a new best friend

Someone who gets all your concerns

And always happy to lend a hand


Where do growing pains go

When you’re around merry souls

Singing carols with hearts of gold

When they’ll come back, you’ll never know


You’ll never know until they hit

Like a slap across the face

Like a bully’s worst pinch

Like happiness closed the gate


Will you ever be fine again

Will they leave you, the growing pains

Or will they hang around your home

And strike again when you least know


Me, You & Aburi

I’ve seen Aburi hundreds of times
In my mind’s eye
But never have my feet stepped there
Never have my nostrils breathed
the chill of the night air atop the hills

But I’ve felt it hundreds of times
Have I ever told you
Have I ever shown you
That it’s always you sitting there with me
Breathing the chill of the night air atop the hills
Playfully fighting the cold with the warm smoke from our mouths
Infusing the atmosphere with the sweet smell of our incense

We don’t want to leave
But the dawn above
and the slowly waking villages below
Remind us that our time is borrowed

An angel and a roadman

Hood up, halo on
He’s an angel and a roadman
She tries to walk in sync with him but
his jagged wings keep nudging her shoulders
And he pretends not to notice
as he puts his arm around her

She likes the thought of being his
Until she unveiled the truth
Behind his scintillating eyes:
That despite the stuff of rom-coms,
not all odd pairings end up working out

But would she deny herself her favourite thrill
of being with an angel and a roadman?

ode to coaster

the snapper-chatter

the smell-the-meko-on-my-hands-after-my-kenkey eater

the polyamorous-multi-socket-but-im-still-single lover

the vulva-rubber

the part-my-red-seas-please enjoyer

the depressed-myself-but still-helping-others helper

the sugar-daddy-searcher

the if-you-know-some-pls-link-me asker

the eww-too-much-oil-in-my-kelewele complainer

adinkra-pie-and-fanice consumer

the fanice-trash-bag wearer

the number-one-a1-afuom-freaky freaker

one-in-town-dadabee-afuom gengster

the most-uniquest-truest coaster

Do you ever…

‪Do you ever hear the waves communing with your spirit?‬
Do you ever hear the wind speaking your native tongue?
Do you ever feel your ancestors on your skin when the rain blesses your blackness?
Do you ever hear a‪n ‬angel cry in the voice of the child hawking in‪ ‬the street‪?‬
‪Do you ever see blood on your sleeves after you wipe away your tears?‬
‪Do you ever hear your heart bleed for all the wounds that refuse to heal?‬


In the cemetery…

In the cemetery we may or may not ever find ourselves together, there are so many unknowns…

So many unsaid truths and stories untold;
The place where last hopes and infelicitous wishes unfold.

There was a new dimension of love we were yet to uncover,

And the figures between the trees were never a bother,

Until once or twice they tried to be – 

 – but I had you right next to me and we seemed to have all the peace that we needed.

And then,

like the ghosts lurking behind the trees that we pretended weren’t there,

the smoke screen cleared and the clouds disappeared

and suddenly the day is bright and the fact is in clear view, we know we’re going to end soon, and “you know it too, don’t you boo, yes you do”, yet neither of us wanted to say those last words.