In the cemetery…

In the cemetery we may or may not ever find ourselves together, there are so many unknowns…

So many unsaid truths and stories untold;
The place where last hopes and infelicitous wishes unfold.

There was a new dimension of love we were yet to uncover,

And the figures between the trees were never a bother,

Until once or twice they tried to be – 

 – but I had you right next to me and we seemed to have all the peace that we needed.

And then,

like the ghosts lurking behind the trees that we pretended weren’t there,

the smoke screen cleared and the clouds disappeared

and suddenly the day is bright and the fact is in clear view, we know we’re going to end soon, and “you know it too, don’t you boo, yes you do”, yet neither of us wanted to say those last words.


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