i swear it felt like love

when you’d hold me so close
like no one ever did
your face an inch from mine
and you wanted this bad
i swear it felt like love

when you’d reach for me in
the middle of the night
like i was your cover
your shelter you could hide in
i swear it felt like love

when you’d pass me the stick
with redness in your eye
and when i’d pass it back
that same thing was in mine
i swear it felt like love

when you’d kiss on my lips
and explore my orifice
you tasted like sweet char
spiced with the wildest heat
i swear it felt like love



Jah has a fire in his mind

Burns him up and births creativity

Jah writes with an unassuming honesty

These endless tropical rains, his ink

Jah has desire in his eyes

He sees a vision that is not of this world

He sees with the wild imagination of a child


Jah has strength in his locs down to his waist

Generations of wisdom stored in their intricacies

Jah has dexterity in his hands

Everything he touches becomes his art

Jah’s soul is connected to the beings up above

He summons chakras with the ease of a bird in effortless flight

He travels often to a place that’s elevated

And I want him to take me there