Me, You and Jay

Jay doesn’t hit me
Not straightaway
Not like I thought she would
She holds my hand gently
And takes yours too
And leads us on a trip

Where we’re going, we can’t take our bodies
My earthly vision gets a little hazy
When we make it up the stairs
When we’re a little closer to heaven
Your eyes are so beautiful
Do you know just how much
Your long-suffering stares
Hold mine in comforting solace
And no words are shared
But I know you’re in no pain

You climb a little higher again
The green monster climbs up my back
She likes you more than she does me
I’m too new to this so you let me be
Outside me, I can’t see too well
But inside me, I’m all too aware
That my veins feel so loud today
That the atoms in my body are vibrating
Too much to be able to mention your name
In a volume above a whisper

The vibrations hurt and I tell you
My hand in yours reassure me
You lead me out of this warm box
And no words follow. None are needed
We fall into a blissful abyss
It doesn’t hurt anymore
You push a little harder
And your strength in me is my comfort
You let it all go; it’s no holds barred in me
My vision’s still a little hazy
But I don’t need my eyes
Hearing you moan your thanks
Is all I need to see
That as you led me higher
I took you there too