The Force of Grace

Life had its home in you
Vibrancy, love and colour were never far from you
You ran around with imagination on your feet
Breathing art and greeting nature in every street
You sang with the birds, harmonising with their tone
And painted me pretty pictures whenever you came home
That was till death got a hold on you

It trapped you in a cage so cold that life couldn’t reach you
It turned my soul blue watching my perfect baby waste away
It clung to you like a selfish bloodthirsty leech
Its claws sinking into you and tearing up your insides
Leaving me imprisoned in confusion and crippled by the fear of losing you
That was till grace touched you and made you smile

Yes, it’s true. I doubted my faith for a while
But a force of peace washed over you and woke you up
And now you’re stronger, faster, louder and can’t be stopped
My eyes look in yours and see the warmth of life that almost left
But now there’s a storm of fire that needs to be fed
A wild abstraction of vibrant colour that almost burns
You’re a man of art, of light, life and love