Wana Blɛ

They brought us English
And like a baby being weaned
We swished it around in our mouths
To get a feel of its edibility
It was an acquired taste
To which we eventually adapted
We swallowed our pride
And washed it down with
The watered down prestige
Their bloody English gave us

We ripped up English
And like lazily adventurous teens
Chopped it up into many pieces
Threw it into an asanka
Spiced it up with Fante, Twi, Ga and Ewe
Heated it up with ogya from the Ghanaian clay stove
That stays lit from dawn till m’awura gets home to the delicious smell
Of English cooked in an African pot

We ate up English
And like our ages past founding fathers
Turned the tables around on colonisation
Suffered English to our beautiful bastardisation
Chewed it up and initiated language cannibalisation
Her accent sweetened by our imperfect diction
Pronunciation infused with our natively open vocalisations
Lexicon daily updated with our forward-thinking inventions
Reclaimed it and now it’s in our possession
So chale, wana blɛ rydee deɛ, e just dey bee