Intentional Mistake

His sinful ways

Are thinly veiled

My morals weigh

Less everyday

He calls the play

But I’m willing to stay

And make him my

Intentional mistake


He says he wants

To see my face

He couldn’t wait

One two three days

So down I lay

In his wed bed

Cos he had bet

That I’d get wet


He invaded my castle

With his tower

He took over

My jewels

In his power

We threw caution

Out the window

And worries

Right out the door

Where passion would lead

We would just follow


So I’ll walk up to his missus

While he smothers her with kisses

I’ll spill that I’m having his kids and

She’ll roll her eyes and hiss and

Her face’ll turn from mine to his and

I’ll watch as her expression’s changing

From plain shock to disbelieving

And when she turns to face him

I’ll just walk away


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