Golden Series 2.2: Love Less – Minus 72

Love less – minus 72
Cold sinking in, seeping in
To the bones all brittle
Mind unmade, all fickle
Waging war, it’s a battle
The Id, the Ego, it’s a scuffle
The motive, the debate
Insecure and unresolved
Cold sinking in, seeping in.

The need to know
To decide, why so
On impulse, run down
Quick steps, don’t miss the turn
Gail, hail, gust of wind
Don’t even stop to think
Above all, be chill, cold.

A beating mind
Present quadratics to satisfy
But hearts are opaque
Solid outside, hidden inside
Integrate, don’t be shy
The song is not the definition though
One plus one’s not three
And it’s not one

Rush to be free
Too fast, too hard
And the ground takes over
Walls of illusion
Pierced by the arrow of realisation
Shatters the noise that clouds intuition
Clatters into pieces the peace I find
Cold. Sinking in. Seeping in.


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