My Faithful Wife

Her slender frame was a sight to behold.

And when she held her neck high, she possessed an unrivalled elegance.

I was proud to have her by my side; and when I held her hand, we really were the perfect couple.

She covered my head with her wings and I couldn’t be more in love with one who protected me so.

How many could boast of such a love?


See, I was a man who you’d call a chap, a dapper gentleman.

She completed me.

Rain or shine, she was there, beating off the temptations of the day when they threatened to dampen my mood.

Her bright colours drew admirable glances wherever we went, and the young girls were eager to follow her fashion sense.

Oh, I love her so.

For what would a young man in today’s London do –

Without his beautiful faithful umbrella?


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