Minnyi Siantsir, Minnyi Dzin (No Reason, No Name)

Minnyi Siantsir, Minnyi Dzin

Ebufuw gyina me fie enyim rekekamu gu modo
Suro tsena m’abow ano
Ɔse mumbue
Awerɛhow gyina me tokura ekyir
Ɔse mentsie
Yaw etwa moho ehyia se onngyae ma monnkɔ
Ɛtse hɔn nka anaa

Obiara wɔ ha nso meyɛ ankonam
Ehwɛ m’enyim a, ebɛnadze na ehu
Ehu ahɔdzen anaa ehu ahoɔfɛ
Ehu fitaa anaa ehu tuntum
Ehu basia anaa ehu saman
Ehu Nyame anaa ehu ɔtanfo

Oepiam esi famu
Oehue enyimguase egu modo
Oewia m’ahodze nyinara
Ogyina wawa dua no ekyir reserew
Metsena famu rusu
Minnyi siantsir
Minnyi dzin


No Reason, No Name

Anger stands in front of my house screaming at me
Fear sits at my door asking me to open
Sorrow stands behind my window asking me to listen
Pain surrounds me and refuses to let me go
Do you hear them

Everyone is here but I am alone
When you look at my face, what do you see
Do you strength or do you see beauty
Do you see white or do you see black
Do you see a woman or do you see a ghost
Do you see God or do you see the enemy

He’s pushed me to the floor
He’s poured disgrace all over me
He stole all my belongings
He is stands behind the wawa tree laughing
I sit on the ground crying
I have no reason
I have no name


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