Oh, It’s Nothing

I mourn the life and the death of a love so young
A love we birthed and yet stillborn
I cry longer than we laughed but it’s only fair
Pain rips up my heart longer than our laughter brought it cheer
So in two breaths, none, one and five
I’ll find the strength to stay alive

The year ahead is more opaque than my hope half-baked
They call it a new book, a new chapter but I can barely see the page
I’m not a writer; my pen won’t write
I’m not a dancer; my feet won’t dance
And when I take a stance, I’m alone on this stage

I dwell in an entrapment of my own devices
My mind’s an empty barrel rolling noises from my id to my conscious
My limbs surround me in a prison and to break free would be to break me
I did my time, paid my fines
So why won’t my feet walk with me

Coherence bid me goodbye and confusion took her place
And now there’s me and that bitch who’s been disgraced
She’s the party pooper, the life loser
She hacks at my peace and leaves me with sorrow
And today might be happy but she’ll be here tomorrow


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