Near Miss

I nearly miss you
Three seconds, three metres, three miles
Leisurely strolling the hills of an open hideaway I’d never known existed
Casting my eye around, I nearly see your bold figure amongst the masses
I nearly pick you out from the crowd of shy, lazy young boys and nearly make you hold me and call me your own

I almost reach you
But my little feet never quite manage to outrun the land beneath me
Distance wins this race and I walk the other way
To my dark secret cave and I hide away
Till the sin of the night and the light of the dawn steal you from me
And I almost forget you

I’m so close I could touch you
But we don’t know it
My skin tingles in anticipation of senses never awoken before
You’re so near, I can almost feel you
Your silent heartbeat screams my name
But mine is deaf, dead, buried in the myth of such a happiness ever existing

I nearly miss you
But now I see you
Outshining the timid morning light I thought that I knew
You furnish my cave with pure crystals so bright
And your soft, sweet whispers bring a dew that refreshes my feet anew
We’ll run faster than the land can stand
And your heart will win the race that mine nearly missed


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