Near Miss

I nearly miss you
Three seconds, three metres, three miles
Leisurely strolling the hills of an open hideaway I’d never known existed
Casting my eye around, I nearly see your bold figure amongst the masses
I nearly pick you out from the crowd of shy, lazy young boys and nearly make you hold me and call me your own

I almost reach you
But my little feet never quite manage to outrun the land beneath me
Distance wins this race and I walk the other way
To my dark secret cave and I hide away
Till the sin of the night and the light of the dawn steal you from me
And I almost forget you

I’m so close I could touch you
But we don’t know it
My skin tingles in anticipation of senses never awoken before
You’re so near, I can almost feel you
Your silent heartbeat screams my name
But mine is deaf, dead, buried in the myth of such a happiness ever existing

I nearly miss you
But now I see you
Outshining the timid morning light I thought that I knew
You furnish my cave with pure crystals so bright
And your soft, sweet whispers bring a dew that refreshes my feet anew
We’ll run faster than the land can stand
And your heart will win the race that mine nearly missed


Leave It Be

Unassumingly aware
You trek away
I stare
At the rhythm your feet make
I hear
The quiet sound of your smile
You enfold me in your arms
And wrap yourself around my thoughts

I shiver still
The autumn chill
Warns me
Keep your sanity
She tells me
Spray your desires with privacy
Disguise your lust with virtue
Don’t look into his eyes
But I do

I see the light of a fire
That wants to draw me in
And the cold touch of a darkness
That justifies my sin
If I were wise I’d run so far
And kill what my heart felt
But wisdom is a feat
Still quite far from my reach
So please spare me
Don’t do your worst
Kindly exit my thoughts
The door is on your left