Mr. Gray

Let’s talk about Mr. Gray
A man who holds my hand and takes me into the deep ends of the expanse of outer space
He knows when I’m sad and how to turn my frown upside down with a warm embrace
Who cares if it’s cold? He’s my burst of sunshine even in the pouring rain
My shadow of comfort, so I’ll call him Gray

A Gray lovechild birthed of a dark mind and a clear heart
A perfect flaw in the design that makes him only mine
He lays a selfish claim to my body when he teases me with the touch of his hand
And when I’m with him, nothing else matters, not even time

He carries me to the mountains and sets me up on its peak
And there we sit and marvel at the language the birds speak
He points to a cloud and names it after me
And tells me to cherish the memories
Of a day quite so gray

He communes with the heavens
They endow him with strength
He’s at one with the earth
We’ll never lack or thirst
I’ll feed him with honey
From the bees in the trees
The winds of the east
Will answer when we pray
And I’ll walk in the way
Of my Mr. Gray


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