Golden Series 1: Falsely Secure

Wanders head-high into a land well-known

Does the falcon when terror dares to show

Familiar is the dry humidity she breathes

The tender shivers, the twitch the cold sun brings

With throat wide open, the bird that claims it sings

In thy presence, it feels falsely secure


Hence comes, watch out, the queen of ice

Across the pond she’d daintily traverse

Cloaked in white, with Russia her disguise

Arm in arm, hand in hand, the stare

Which forms part of her imposing device

With which to trample on the frozen pond


Be no Bambi, just stand up and walk

Shy-eyed when it comes to it, just all talk

Delicate, considerate; oh just too tough

Drop it, stop it; you care just too much

The falcon watches over you, hears your every word

Yet still, the alien preferred, leaving her third


Flowing together like rivers of endless bliss

Brown and melted cream, a delicacy

Bells sounding the silence of a deafening peace

Please, be satiated; let remain some integrity

Necessity awakens the dreamers from unashamed unrighteousness

We walk, back into a land well-known, ignoring the stress


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