#TheNewBlack – A Helping Hand

Feel free to castrate me
And shave off my humanity
Flog me as I labour
From morning till infinity

Tell me that I’m worthless
Drum it into me
Yes, I’ll tell my children
They’re lucky that they breathe

We’re lucky you saved us
From empty gods and savagery
And rescued us into heaven
A place of hell and slavery

Thank you for the word
Well, what you said it was
That feeds our soul
And keeps us bound
In your eternal debt

So please excuse me if I scream
Forgive my tears; pardon my cries
But with a cedi and a dream
I’m walking now with my head high

I’m walking on a whole new street
Where night is day and black is right
We’ll break the chains and carve a path
Cos you and I are the new black


Unspoken Words

He’s still a dream
To her
With the way he
Walks into the room
That quiet arrogance
That silent confidence
Effortless nonchalance
But he knows
Oh does he know
Purposefully unaware
One glance
His eyes take in
The serene
Heads lift
To look
Up at him
Tall frame
He commands it
He owns it

She’s not usually shy
No, she really never is
He can’t know it
But he demands it
She meets his gaze
Holds it
Sustains it
Her eyes
They dare him
Say something
They tease
She feels his
She commands his
She makes him
The signs
On her face
She wants it
But first
He’ll thirst
He’ll want it
She’ll make him

Dark Seduction

Eery. Very uncomfortable to read…and that’s a good thing!


Sun has set and risen
Several times but I lost count
The blanket feels like my second skin
Curtains drawn close
The sunlight hurts my eyes
And my soul
Just like vampires shy from light
So do my demons
Dancing in the shadows of my soul
To the music of my heartache
No no take your salvation story
My mind can take no more corruption
But you won’t understand
When the only comforting sound
Is that of the many voices in your head
So loud yet silent and sinister
The pain has never felt right
A reminder of my mortality
Heart strings pulled taut
Wearing out
Ready to be torn apart
Disconnect from reality
I am not inebriated
Only laying in bed
Dancing the tango to the silent music within
Seduction with death
Has never felt so right
I am bidding my time
But for now
I am alone

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