“Hush”, She Said

I cast my eye over at her from across the room
Sitting so pretty all calm and cool
As I take in her sight
Curves looking more than right
I tell her I love her
But if she knew how much
But if she knew just how

My heart races at the sound of her voice
Pulse quickens when she says my name
She is a woman, she’ll understand
Just where I want the touch of her hand

I smile with the sweet sensations
Let’s forget all our hesitations
Let me entertain you
I promise my love will please you
The night claims our conscience
We won’t complain
Cos it’s convenient
That this ecstasy, this indulgence
Continues way past the sparks of the moment

I woke up to the sun kissing her cheeks
Oh wait, no. That was just me
My moans evaded the confinements of my mind
She looked right back at me
“Hush”, she said. And then she smiled
She’s a little tease. She sees right through me.
“Just once”, she said. “Let’s do it just once.”


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