That’s Just How It Is

I got home from the library last night around midnight. No, I wasn’t studying (sorry, mama). To be honest, now that I think of it, I can’t even remember what I was doing. But I know it made me hungry. Hungry enough to warrant a BigMac n fries. Ha! What are vouchers for, right?

I was stuck on Mishal Moore for a while, all up on her YouTube page. And it started to make me feel some typa way. So I decided it was time to go downstairs to our halls bar and try out that piano I’ve been eyeing for months, if my rusty hands hadn’t already given up on me, that is.

Turns out I’m okay, ya know (high-five)!! Okay enough to write a song anyway. Well, a verse, but still. Before I knew it, my fingers were carressing the keys and it  made sense to my soul. You know how some people pray in tongues? This is it for me. This is my baptism of fire. It is a language only my soul knows to speak. It is the seed you planted in me that grew into our blooming love. And now, even when… you’re not here anymore (wow, that was hard to admit), I still understand.

Ahhh, I was talking about music! How did we get here?! Okay, so the melody came first. Then the minor falls and the major lifts:

One day we’ll see

Where we will be

Just you and me

Somewhere above

All of the clouds

And all the blues

Ha! I just retrieved the lyrics from my phone – and…I cannot for the life of me remember how the melody of the song goes. Here one minute, gone the next. I guess that’s just how dreams and memories work. I guess that’s just how it is.



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