deny, deny, deny.

maybe one day

the butterflies in my gut

will swim upstream,

push past the pride lining my oesophagus

and the navy knot in my throat

and finally admit


we’re in love

with you.


alive by grace

ashamed by privilege

spoilt for choice

blinded by noise

crippled in voice

caged by self

imprisoned by direction

chilled by fear

warmed by compassion

freed by faith

alive by grace

the raft

hey, jump up on the raft with me

my heart is large and my love is free

is it a crime to hope that we

could float in love, just you and me

and make our way to destiny

and tour a few towns along the way

hey, jump up on the raft with me

and let’s sail to eternity

Ɔnye Hɛn Edzi No Yie (He Has Been Good To Us)

Ɔnye hɛn edzi no yie

Hɛn Egya a ɔwɔ sor ama akwan pii ebuie

Ɔama hɛn tum, awerɛhyɛmu, nyimdzee na ahoɔdzen

Ɔdze n’enyiwa ahwɛ hɛn osiandɛ yɛyɛ n’abɔdze

Ɔmmfa ho dɛ enam daadze

Ɔmmfa ho dɛ wo nan ase ndɔtse

Hɛn nyinara yɛsom no bo

Ntsi na ɔdze hɛn ato

Ne nsa enyimfa do

Osiandɛ hɔ no, egyapadze no so

Ntsi ɔwɔ dɛ emi na ɔwo

Yɛdze enyidzemu Nyamesom

Yɛdze bɔto hɛn enyiwa do

Ama mber pa no dur a

Yeetum yeeyi n’ano

* * *

He has been good to us

Our Father in heaven has opened many doors

He has given us power, hope, knowledge, and strength

He has his watchful eye over us because we are his creation

No matter if your feet roam the earth

No matter if your soles are covered in dirt

We are all precious to him

That is why he has placed us

At his mighty right hand

Because of our great inheritance

That’s why we have to, you and me

Worship him earnestly

And keep him in close sight

So when the right time comes

We’ll speak to him with pride

Growing Pains

When do growing pains end

Is it when you find a new best friend

Someone who gets all your concerns

And always happy to lend a hand


Where do growing pains go

When you’re around merry souls

Singing carols with hearts of gold

When they’ll come back, you’ll never know


You’ll never know until they hit

Like a slap across the face

Like a bully’s worst pinch

Like happiness closed the gate


Will you ever be fine again

Will they leave you, the growing pains

Or will they hang around your home

And strike again when you least know

Me, You & Aburi

I’ve seen Aburi hundreds of times
In my mind’s eye
But never have my feet stepped there
Never have my nostrils breathed
the chill of the night air atop the hills

But I’ve felt it hundreds of times
Have I ever told you
Have I ever shown you
That it’s always you sitting there with me
Breathing the chill of the night air atop the hills
Playfully fighting the cold with the warm smoke from our mouths
Infusing the atmosphere with the sweet smell of our incense

We don’t want to leave
But the dawn above
and the slowly waking villages below
Remind us that our time is borrowed