good morning, glory

before i woke up today,

i saw the colour of my skin

in the forefront of my closed eyes,

brown, rich and beautiful.

then i opened my eyes

and saw the same thing.

and i was in love.


Healing Takes Too Long

My mind is yelling in tongues I don’t speak

But my mouth can’t even seem to scream.

Will my frustration eat me up

Until I’m found on a cross, hung?

Can I ever swallow the blame

Of damning my kindred to the same fate?

How many baths till I feel clean?

Will my pain ever really heal?

Will my shame leak out from my gut

And spill and seep onto my skin?

Is it my fault? Is it called ‘sin’?

Should I peel at the layers of

My epidermis to feel brand new?

Should I let my heart grow cold

Or just let my anger brew?

Sometimes, your father is your first abuser

Sometimes, your father is your first abuser

The strongest link in the chain around your neck

The biggest rock in the bag upon your shoulder

The heaviest load you carry on your head

Sometimes, it kills you

Sometimes, it makes you stronger

Sometimes, it makes your mother cry

And even makes her wonder

Why her sobs to God were futile

And why her tears would never dry

The Repentant Writer

I confess to these almighty blank pages,

And to you, dear words and letters,

That I have sinned through my own fault,

In my memories, my procrastination,

My crippling self-doubt,

And the inadvertent disregard for my self worth.

And I ask the light of the world, the word made flesh,

All the thorns buried in this same flesh,

And you, dear friends of the [micro]blogosphere

To pray for me to the Lord our God.

the raft

hey, jump up on the raft with me

my heart is large and my love is free

is it a crime to hope that we

could float in love, just you and me

and make our way to destiny

and tour a few towns along the way

hey, jump up on the raft with me

and let’s sail to eternity